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If you’ve been working as a therapist for a while you will have come across a client who doesn’t like, Counselling, Tapping, EMDR, NLP etc. This doesn’t mean that the techniques don’t work but some clients may have had negative results or got scared from abreactions so won’t work with you from justifiable fear.

Having another technique in your toolbox helps you past this fear.

PSTEC™ has been used by therapists around the World with excellent results and is a fast and safe technique that could be helping you in your practice today!

Documented results from The PTSD Clinic in The North West of England have shown PSTEC™ click tracks to reliably and safely help reduce anxiety, nightmares, fears, guilt, PTSD even Complex PTSD caused from traumatic events.

Since spring of 2010 patients in The PTSD Clinic have been helped using PSTEC™ click tracks. these clients arrived suffering from traumatic events including combat stress, sexual abuse, bullying and similar.

Therapeutic sessions at The PTSD Clinic last from 3 hours to 7 days and SA-45 Symptom Assessment Questionnaires filled in both before and after treatment sessions show consistently that patients can be helped safely and gently with results that have held. For example the first clients who used PSTEC™ in 2010 are still many years later free from their symptoms and carrying on a normal life.

Have you ever been stuck with a client who doesn’t like the technique you use? Then add this new tool to your toolbox today!

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Passing the PSTEC™ exams is a prerequisite for joining the Official Register of PSTEC™ Therapists

pstec level 1 exam

The level 1 exam is based on the information found in the level 1 download package

The Level 1 exam $33.97 More info

This exam is a prerequisite for the level 1-A (advanced) exam so needs to be passed first BUY Level 1 Exam HERE

pstec advanced examThe Advanced exam $35.97 more info

This exam is based on information found in the Level 1-A (Advanced) download package.

This Level 1-Advanced exam is a prerequisite for the Master status awarded by Tim BUY Level 1-A Exam HERE

The links to the exam payment page can be found here and at the PSTEC™ Register

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